Our LYFE Class series mission is to increase knowledge and access to wealth building tools, such as home ownership; and decrease the wealth gap between household of color and non-color.

QueenLyfe Inc. is committed to providing our members with resourceful information to make informed financial decisions.

Project Mona Lisa

The project was inspired by the Mona Lisa painting, a half-length portrait of a woman by Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as “the best known” and by far the most valued painting in the world.

Despite the vandalism and additional damage performed on the Mona Lisa, the painting still increases drastically in its value, which is synonymous to the message Project Mona Lisa conveys to women that we are all a masterpiece.

“Sip And Share” Wine, Conversations, and Connections

In conjunction with our healthy relationships component, “Sip and Share” is a panel style platform which allows panelists to discuss their journey in the pursuit of inner-peace, love, career goals, and entrepreneurship.

This royal experience includes hors d’oeuvres and fine wines, and feature intimate breakout sessions to allow guests to build connections.