Recap: June 16th Mental Wellness Walk

By: Sophia Anderson- QueenLyfe Inc. Intern UHD ‘2

There is beauty in stepping out of normalcy or routine to find something that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. As I gathered together with women of different nationalities and cultures during the Mental Wellness Walk at Hermann Park, I was reminded of this concept; something that I often forget to fully comprehend. The walk was beneficial in that it gave me an opportunity to seek a moment of peace outside of routine, all the while conversing with women who are working just as hard as I am — even more so — to see their dreams come to fruition.

Although the commencement of this event began at 8am on a Saturday morning, numerous women were able to join in an act of observance for our most outstanding uncertainties or self-doubts, having the chance to write these insecurities on paper to be dissolved in water–symbolizing a release of the negative. This was followed by morning stretches, affirmations, and a two mile walk around the park concluding at the top of the spiral hill in the Centennial Gardens.

The walk gave me the chance to remember that as I wake up each day, I am to breathe in abundance, letting go of lack, breathe in joy, letting go of depression, and to breathe in a strength that will carry me through; never forgetting that I must Love myself First Everyday.

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