Mission Statement

QueenLyfe Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to build an empowered community of women and girls through promoting health and wellness, financial responsibility and mentorship.

Our organization has provided resources to increase the quality of life for over 7000+ women (members/ and non-members) through our programming, social media influence, and community outreach initiatives.

Queening In Our Community:

We are fostering a culture of growth and empowerment for women on a global scale.As visionaries, we are expanding the mindset of women to reconnect to their natural birthright as Queens through the power of self-love.

Our Vision

“Because I had a deep desire to break this cycle of depression, I started journaling. It was through the power of journaling, that I discovered the root of my lack of fulfillment was due to a lack of self-love. I started envisioning the LYFE I wanted. In this life, I fully accepted myself, was tapping into my full potential, and was free to inspire other to create the life they desired by making a decision to make self-love a priority. These captured thoughts became my business plan for QueenLyfe Inc.” – Candace L. Strother, CEO of QueenLyfe Inc.

Core Values

Financial Literacy

Foster Creative Expression

Build Healthy Relationships


Civic Engagement/Community Service