Project Mona Lisa®

The project was inspired by the Mona Lisa painting, a half-length portrait of a woman by Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as "the best known” and by far the most valued painting in the world. The several attempts to vandalize this painting did not change its increasing value and is considered the most expensive painting in the world. Despite the vandalism and additional damage performed on the Mona Lisa, the painting still increases drastically in its value, which is synonymous to the message Project Mona Lisa conveys to women, “we are all “a masterpiece”.

How does the Project Mona Lisa work?

  • Each year, the Project Mona Lisa will recruit a team of approximately 12 mentors and 12 mentees from the Houston area with the objective to create a positive self-image through vision boards, goals setting and understanding inner beauty. During this six month program, participants will engage in various community forums and personal development workshops that touch on overcoming low self-esteem, finding inner beauty and protecting the masterpiece.

QueenLyfe Inc. and SSQ: Paris 2018 

  • QueenLyfe Inc. has partnered with SSQ to create an innovative level of exposure. SSQ engages, empowers and inspires youth through hands-on service projects locally and in foreign countries. More than just an outreach program, this collaborative is a multi-disciplinary approach to educational enrichment, cultural and social awareness.

Are you interested in being a part of this royal experience?

Please contact Reginald C. Adams at 832-208-1549 or Candace Strother at 702-845-2478 or visit to learn more about Project Mona Lisa, Paris 2018.