QueenLyfe Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote financial literacy, creative expression, healthy relationships, mentorship and civic engagement through our workshops and events for women of all ages.


We are fostering a culture of growth and empowerment for women on a global scale.

What We Do

Provide foundation-building programing and workshops that cover key components such as

  • Financial Responsibility-Budgeting, Savings, Credit, Investing (Financial Formation) (A Queen's Journey, Walking the Path to Financial Success)
  • Creative Expression–Self expression through art (Project Mona Lisa)
  • Healthy Relationships-The importance healthy internal and external relationships ("Sip and Share" Wine, Conversation, and Connections) 
  • Mentorship-Facilitating one-on-one mentor/mentee engagement opportunities (Project Mona Lisa)

What's Up Next?

L.Y.F.E. Class "Walking the Path of Financial Success"

L.Y.F.E Class

QueenLyfe Inc. is committed to providing our members and community with resourceful information to make informed financial decisions. Join us for this LYFE changing experience as guests will be encouraged to set intentions to apply the knowledge gained during the workshops to enhance their overall quality of life.

Project Monalisa®

Project Monalisa®

The Goal of Project Mona Lisa is to create a positive self-image by affirmations, vision boards, goals setting, and understanding inner beauty.

Eric Roberson Live 4/2/17

Eric Roberson LIVE

QueenLyfe Inc. is honored to have the support of BPM Music Group as they present Eric Roberson live! By purchasing tickets though the below link, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Project Mona Lisa, a QueenLyfe Inc. self-esteem building initiative. Spread love, light, and music

Our Supporters