QueenLyfe Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is promote financial literacy, creative expression, healthy relationships, mentorship and civic engagement through our workshops and events for multi-cultural women of all ages.


We are expanding the mindset of women to reconnect to their natural birthright as Queens through the power of self-love.

What We Do

Provide foundation-building programing and workshops that cover key components such as

  • Financial Responsibility-Budgeting, Savings, Credit, Investing (Financial Formation) (A Queen's Journey, Walking the Path to Financial Success)
  • Creative Expression–Self expression through art (Project Mona Lisa)
  • Healthy Relationships-The importance healthy internal and external relationships ("Sip and Share" Wine, Conversation, and Connections) 
  • Mentorship-Facilitating one-on-one mentor/mentee engagement opportunities (Project Mona Lisa)

What's Up Next?

"Reconnect and Reflect"

As we evolve in all areas of QueenLyfe, our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness need special attention. During our time together we want to accomplish the following:
-Reflect/Share LYFE lessons learned (what did 2017 teach you?)
-Focus on setting goals and holding each other accountable.
-Reconnect with QueenLyfe Inc. and learn about upcoming member and community engagement opportunities.
*Bring a journal!
Lite bites provided!

Queening in the Community "Affirmation Boards"

Girl, Fight! in partnership with QueenLyfe Inc. hosted a mentor/mentee community service event  at KIPP Spirit College Prep.

This event featured an affirmation workshop. Our mentees and mentors created three 24” x 36” collages of positive affirmations. These collages will be placed in girl’s bathrooms on three different Houston  campuses.

One of our 2018 goals is to have affirmation collages on the campuses of every HISD middle and high schools. We need your help to make this a reality, please consider donating to the movement.

QueenLyfe Inc. Cares (Contribute. Assist. Respond. Evoke. Solutions.)


QueenLyfe Inc. would like to extend our arms to those who have been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. We encourage donations from our supporters on behalf of those who are in desperate need in the Houston and Port Arthur, TX to assist with their immediate needs and clean up efforts.
Your C.A.R.E and generosity is truly appreciated.
No matter how large or small your monetary contributions, your assistance will help those in need right now. Please donate your contributions to the PayPal link below and spread the word so we can spread the love... QueenLyfe Cares!

Our Supporters